Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. A. Ebru Akcasu (1.10.2022 – 31.3.2023)

Stifled by Modernity: Ottoman Women’s Activism from Empire to Republic

Anglo-American University Prague

Dr. Dmitriy Oparin (04 – 10 / 2022)

Duty and loyalty among migrant Central Asian mullahs in contemporary Russia

Laboratory UMR Passage, Université Bordeaux Montaigne and CNRS, Bordeaux, France; bInstitute for Social Policy, Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia

Dr. Roxana Coman (1.3.2022 – 30.6.2023)

There and back again: Ottoman Imperial legacies and Dimitrie Papazoglu’s collection of Ottoman artefacts

Orient-Institut Istanbul

Dr. Gülşah Şenol (1.1.2021 – 31.12.2021)

Gender and Autobiographical Sources on the History of the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey

Monograph: A Comparative History of Feminism in Egypt and Turkey, 1880-1935: Dialogue and Difference

Orient-Institut Istanbul

Dr. Sara Nur Yıldız (1.8.2018 – 28.2.2018)

The Seljuks of Anatolia: Empire-Building on the Frontiers of the Muslim World

Orient-Institut Istanbul

Marie Bossaert, Dr. (1.2. – 31.7.2016)

Thema: Levantiner und Italiener in Istanbul im 19. Jahrhundert: italienische Egodokumente und erzählende Quellen

Orient-Institut Istanbul

Dr. Hülya Adak (1.10.2011 – 30.5.2012)

World War I and the Armenian Catastrophe: The Politics of the Archive, Fiction and Auto-/Biographies in Turkey

Sabancı Üniversitesi

Dr. Anna Neubauer Khurshid (1.7. – 31.12.2012)

Celle qui n’existe pas. Soufisme et autorité féminine à Istanbul

Universität Neuchâtel

Dr. Sara Nur Yıldız (2011 –2012)

Historische Kontextualisierung der religiösen und intellektuellen Realitäten Anatoliens in der Seldschucken- und Mongolenzeit

Orient-Institut Istanbul

Dr. Karin Schweißgut (1.10.2009 – 31.3.2011)

Armut in der türkischen Literatur (Habilitationsprojekt)

Freie Universität Berlin

Dr. Sara Nur Yıldız (1.2.2008 – 1.2.2010)

Das Stiftungswesen bei den Seldschuken

University of St Andrews

PhD Fellows

Berkay Uluç (1.9. 23 – 30.6.2024)

Translingual Ottoman Modernity: Texts, Concepts, and Media

Michigan University

Fabian Riesinger (1.9.2023-30.11.2023)

Imagining Rhodes and Fashioning Malta: Interconnectivity and Appropriation after 1600

European University Institute, Florence, department of History and Civilisation

Orhun Yalçın (1.8.2023-31.10.2023)

History of Artvin and Kars in the 19th century

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Institute of Near and Middle Eastern Studies

Selim Kırılmaz (15.7.2023-15.10.2023)

Music, Migration and Silencing: Memory of the Music of old Mardin and Mihail Kirilmaz

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Social and Cultural Anthropology Department

Seda İzmirli Karamanlı (3.7.2023 – 3.10.2023)

Teodosya Sophroniades: An Ottoman-Greek / Circassian Female Intellectual Espousing Women’s Rights In Late Ottoman Istanbul

SOAS, University of London, Near and Middle East Department

Ekaterina Aygün (1.5.2023 – 31.7.2023)

Constantinople/Istanbul as an artistic hub of Russian-speaking émigrés (1919–1927)

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Kunstgeschichte)

Audrey Wozniak, M.A. (1.6.2022 – 30.4.2023)

A Discipline for the Nation: Turkish Classical Music Choirs in History and Practice

Harvard University

Jilian Ma (8.11.2021 – 8.7.2022)

Ottoman/Turkish-China intellectual engagements from the late nineteenth century to the early twentieth century

Koç-Universität, Istanbul

Dimitrios Giagtzoglou, M.A. (8.11.2021 – 8.7.2022)

The Ottoman “science of letters” in Theory and Practice: Principles, Methods, People and Sources

University of Crete

Yasemin Akçagüner (6.11.2021 – 30.8.2022)

Celestial Bodies: Astral Science, Medicine and the Ottoman Lifecycle (1768-1839)

Columbia University

Daria Kovaleva (1.11.2021 –  30.11.2022)

Oral Drama in Istanbul and the Production of Public Culture in the Second Ottoman Empire (1570s-1820s)

Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Uldanay Jumabay, M.A. (1.11.2021 –  30.8.2022)

Clause combining strategies in Kazakh as spoken in China in comparative perspectives

Goethe University Frankfurt/Main

Mehdi Mirabian Tabar (1.11.2021 –  30.8.2022)

Theologico-Political Obstacles to the Establishment of the Modern State in Iran: A Study of Iran’s Constitutional Movement of 1906

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Douglas Mattsson (1.9.2021 – 28.2.2022 / 9.3.2022 – 25.4.202 / 1.11.2022 – 15.11.2022)

Religious semiotic resources in black metal music and the evolvement of subcultures

Södertörn University, Stockholm

Sebastian Willert (1.3.2021 – 30.4.2021 / 1.9.2021 – 30.11.2021)

Cultural Imperialism versus Protectionism? On the Role of Antiquities as a matter of conflict within the German-Ottoman Art Policy between 1890 and 1918

Technische Universität Berlin

Armand Aupiais (1.8.2020 – 31.1.2021)

Evangelical Protestants in Turkey: Urban Circuits, Religious Labour, Christian History

Université de Paris

Jaimee Comstock-Skipp (6.7.2020 – 5.1.2021)

Scions of Turan: the 16th-century Uzbek take on Firdausī’s Shāhnāma epic – artistic exchanges across Istanbul and Bukhara

Leiden University

Lorenz Hörmann (1.7.2020 – 17.3.2020)

Native Turkish Christianity? – The Independent Turkish Orthodox Church

University of Vienna, Faculty of Protestant Theology

Zeynep Tezer (15.2.2020 – 15.8.2020)

Idiosyncratic Forms of Social Criticism in the Sixteenth- and Seventeenth‑Century Ottoman Empire

University of Chicago

Shahrzad Irannejad (1.9.2019 – 31.7.2020)

Localization of the Avicennean Inner Senses in a Hippocratic Body

Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

Erol Koymen (1.9.2019 – 15.3.2020)

Sonic Occidentalism and the Infrastructure of the Extraordinary: Classical Music in Turkish Modernity

University of Chicago

Benan Grams (1.7.2019 – 31.12.2019)

Ottoman Medicine in Greater Syria

Georgetown University

Elena Panayi (27.5.2019 – 26.8.2019)

Ottoman female poets and mystical orders: Elements of interaction in Ottoman divan poetry

University of Cyprus

Thomas Ecker (18.3.2019 – 17.6.2019)

Persian Pilgrims in Istanbul

Universität Bamberg, Iranistik

Esther Voswinckel Filiz, M.A. (1.3.2019 – 31.1.2020)

Aziz Mahmud Hüdayi in Istanbul – Biography of a Place

Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Sada Payır (1.3.2019 – 31.8.2019)

Entertainment, Propriety, Transgression: The ‘Unorthodox’ Greeks of Istanbul in the Late Ottoman Empire

Universität Oxford, Fakultät für Orientstudien, Pembroke College

Gwendolyn Collaço (15.5.2019 – 1.8.2019)

Cosmopolitan Albums from the Bazaars of Istanbul: Products of Global Networks, ca. 1650-1800

Harvard University

Mira Xenia Schwerda (5.3.2019 – 30.4.2019)

A Revolution in Pictures: An Examination of Early Political Photography in Iran and the Ottoman Empire

Harvard University

Chloe Bordewich (1.1.2019 – 31.3.2019)

Empire of Suspicion: Intelligence, Power, and Social Trust in the Ottoman Arab World, 1865-1930

Harvard University

Şafak Kılıçtepe (3.11.2018 – 31.5.2019)

Reproductive Technologies, Pronatalism and Ethnicity: An Ethnography of Situated Reproduction in Turkey

Indiana University, Bloomington

Kenan Behzat Sharpe (15.9.2018 – 15.12.2018)

Anatolian Rock and Turkey’s 1960s

University of California, Santa Cruz

Hüseyin Ongan Arslan (1.5.2018 30.7.2018)

Reconstructing Sunni-Shiite Identities: Uses of the Muslim Past in Ottoman Historiography, 1496-1639

Indiana University

Polina Ivanova (1.2.2018 – 15.4.2019)

Migration, settlement and the transformation of cultural landscape in medieval Anatolia

Harvard University, Department of History

Gwendolyn Collaço (15.1.2018 – 30.4.2018)

Cosmopolitan Albums from the Bazaars of Istanbul: Products of Global Networks, ca. 1650-1800

Harvard University

Matthew Ghazarian (21.2.2018 – 24.9.2018)

Famine in a Time of Uncertainty: Disaster and Sectarianism in Ottoman Anatolia, 1839–1893

Columbia University

Sinibaldo De Rosa (13.11.2017 – 15.8.2018)

Movement and Adaptation of the Alevi Semah in Turkey and Western Europe

University of Exeter/School of Music at Cardiff University

Andrea Weiss (1.11.17 –31.12.17, 6.3.18 – 30.9.18)

Turkish Muslim Georgians? The historical Georgian diaspora in Turkey and its connection to today’s Adjara and Georgia

Central European University Budapest

Sevi Bayraktar (20.3.17 – 20.10.17)

Contested Choreographies: Women Claiming Traditional Dances in Turkey

University of California, Los Angeles

Ceren Aygül (6.4.17 – 7.7.17)

War, Empire and Society: The Ottoman Red Crescent Society (1911-1923)

Johannes Gutenberg Universität Main

Anoush Suni (15.1.2017 – 14.7.2017)

Buried Histories: Ruins and the Politics of Memory in Anatolia

University of California

Yeliz Çavuş (1.1.2017 – 30.6.17)

The Formation of Modern Historical  Conciousness in the Late Ottoman and Early Republican Turkish Historical Narratives, 1840s-1930s

The Ohio State University

Hande Güzel (1.10.2016 – 28.2.2017)

Becoming of the Body through Re-Virginization Practices in Turkey

University of Cambridge

Maria Cramer (19.10.2016 – 18.3.2017)

„The Inherited Risk”. The Medicalisation of Consanguineous Marriage in Contemporary Turkey

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Annegret Roelcke (6.6.16 – 5.11.2016)

Religious Tourism in Eyüp. Constructions of an Islamic Place in Istanbul

Zentrum Moderner Orient, Berlin

Tobias Völker, M.A. (1.5.2016 – 31.10.2016)

The Hamburg Diplomat and Orientalist Andreas David Mordtmann (1811–1879) as Contemporary Witness of Late Ottoman History

Universität Hamburg, Institut für Geschichte und Kultur des Vorderen Orients

Jan Markus Vömel (15.4.2016 – 14.10.2016)

Reclaiming Modernity: Cultures of Islamism in Turkey, c. 1980-2000

Universität Konstanz

Annika Törne (1.4.2016 – 30.9.2016)

Dersim – Eine Untersuchung von Narrativen über Verfolgung und Gewalt

Universität Basel

Carolin Liebisch (1.10.2015 – 30.11.2015)

Representing Modernity on the Global Stage. Interwar Internationalism and the Case of Turkey

Universität Heidelberg

İpek Nazlı Hüner Cora (1.7.2015 – 30.9.2015)

Expanding the Boundaries of an Established Canon: Gender, Erotica, and Grotesque in Early Modern Manuscript Culture

University of Chicago

Sara Islan Fernandez (1.7.2015 – 31.12.2015)

Mitrip and communitarian dances in Urfa’s region: a portrait of the music, performers, and dance, in their social context and ongoing transformation

University Complutense of Madrid

Akın Sefer (1.7.2015 – 31.12.2015)

Labor in the Heart of Empire: Workers, Industry, and the State in Late Ottoman Istanbul

Northeastern University

Feras Krimsti (1.5.2015 – 31.10.2015)

Von der Provinz ins Zentrum: Repräsentationen Istanbuls im Reisebericht (1764/1765) von Ḥannā al-Ṭabīb (gest. 1775)

Freie Universität Berlin

Atilla Babadostu (1.4.2015 – 30.6.2015)

Die eschatologische Komponente osmanischer Herrschaftslegitimation, ihr Wesen sowie ihre Entwicklung vom Ende des 15. Jahrhunderts bis in die 1560er Jahre

Universität Wien

Alexander E. Balistreri, M.A. (1.11.2014 – 31.1.2015)

Between Russian Empire and Turkish Nation-State: Local Elite Networks and the History of Nationalism in the Anatolian–Caucasian Borderland

Princeton University

Jan Bartknecht, M.A. (1.10.2014 – 31.1.2015)

Atatürk and his Cult – A Visual History 1918-1968

Goldsmiths College, University of London

Anna Vakalis, M.A. (1.9.2014 – 30.11.2014)

Crime and Intercommunal Relations in Ottoman Macedonia (1839-1876): The Local Mixed Courts Established During the Tanzimat Reforms

Universität Basel

Kerem Tinaz, M.A. (15.6.2014 – 15.9.2014)

Intellectual Trajectories From Ottomanism to Nationalism: The Cases of Mustafa Satı Bey, Tunalı Hilmi, and Abraham Galante

University of Oxford

Ersin Mıhçı, M.A. (15.5.2014 – 15.8.2014)

Forging National Music on Both Sides of the Aegean in the 19th and 20th Centuries

Universität Heidelberg

Gülfem Alıcı, M.A. (1.5.2014 – 30.9.2014)

Seelenlehre und Seelenleitung im osmanisch-arabischen 17. Jh.: Qāsim al-Ḫānīs Werk zur Novizenerziehung: as-Sayr was-sulūk ilā malik al-mulūk

Universität Hamburg

Necla Melike Atalay, M.A. (15.3.2014 – 15.6.2014)

Produktionsbedingungen komponierender Frauen vor und nach der Gründung der Republik Türkei (1923). Am Beispiel von Leyla Saz (1845-1936), Nazife Aral-Güran (1921-1993) und Yüksel Koptagel (geb. 1931)

Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien

Claudia Flohr, M.A. (1.3.2014 – 31.8.2014)

The Anti-Capitalist Muslims: A Social Movement in Search of a Muslim Social Theory for Contemporary Turkey

Universität Bonn

Yaşar Tolga Cora (17.10.2013 – 17.7.2014)

Transforming Erzurum/Karin: the Social and Economic History of a Multi-Ethnic Ottoman City in the Nineteenth Century

University of Chicago

Sümeyra Aslıhan Gürbüzel (6.10.2013 – 6.8.2014)

Social Imagination in Mystical Commentaries: Readers and Readings of Rumi’s Mathnawi in Seventeenth Century Istanbul

Harvard University

Aytek S. Alpan (1.10.2013 – 31.3.2014)

Turks’ of Crete and ‘Hellenes’ of Smyrna: A Comparative Analysis of the 1923 Greco-Turkish Population Exchange (1860-1960)

University of California San Diego

Julia Splitt (1.9.2013 – 28.2.2014)

Offshoring und ‚Re‘-Migration: Transnationale Arbeits- und Lebenswelten am Beispiel deutsch-türkischer Callcenter-Agents in Istanbul

Europa-Universität Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder)

Melih Egemen (1.9.2013 – 28.2.2014)

Ahmet Rasim’s Sehir Mektuplari and Fin-de-Siecle Istanbul

University of Harvard

Paulina Dominik (1.9.2013 – 31.8.2014)

Between White Eagle and Crescent – Polish narratives of the late Ottoman Empire (1830-1918)

University of Oxford

Stelios Irakleous (1.9.2013 – 28.2.2014)

Seraphim Attaliates and his Language: A Study into Eighteenth-Century Karamanlidika

Leiden University

Mohamed Elfateh (1.8. – 30.9.2013)

Reconstruction of the old City Suakin, Sudan. A comparison investigation about the reconstruction’s influence factors in the Red Sea Region. Case studies: Suakin, Port Sudan, Jeddah- Old town

Universität Cottbus

Irena Fliter (15.6. – 15.12.2013)

Ottoman Diplomats and the Culture of Diplomacy (1761-1821) Ottoman Ambassadors, Chargé d’affairs and Dragomans between the Ottoman Empire and Prussia

Tel Aviv University

Fabio Salomoni (1.6. – 30.9.2013)

Neo-Hindu Religious Movements and Yoga Teaching in Contemporary Turkey

Koç Üniversitesi

Ece Zerman (2.4. – 30.9.2013)

Material Culture of Istanbul bourgeoisie at the turn of the century: Objects, memory and self-representation

European University Institute in Florence

Ayşegül Argit (2.4. – 30.5.2013)

Presse, Politik und Mobilisation in Istanbul 1908-1914

Universität Heidelberg

Dilek Sarmış (1.7. – 31.10.2012)

New Religious Movements in Turkey


Anna Calia (1.7. – 31.8.2012)

Greek documents of the first Ottoman sultans from Venice State Archive (end of 15th-beginning of 16th century)

University of San Marino, Advanced School of Historical Studies

Nikos Sigalas (1.6. – 31.10.2012)

Traditional Sufi theories and practices and new age religious movements

EHESS (School of Higher Studies in Social Sciences), History

Brian Chauvel (1.4. – 30.9.2012)

From roots to essence: commercial and legendary topography of phyto-therapeutic representations and practices in Turkey

École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales

Helen Pfeifer (1.10.2011 – 30.5.2012)

More than Merriment: Sociability and Ethnicity in the Ottoman Meclis

Princeton University

Guy Rak (1.7. – 30.9.2011)

The Visual Culture of the Ottoman Empire: the Architecture of the Second Constitutional Period

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Rüstem Ertuğ Altınay (1.6. – 30.11.2011)

Catching the Train. Body, Politics, Identity and Modernization in Turkey

New York University

Charlotte Joppien (1.4. – 31.12.2011)

Die Kommunalpolitik der türkischen Regierungspartei AKP

Universität Hamburg

Cem Kara (1.4. – 30.9.2012)

Der Bektaschi-Orden – inter- und transkulturelle Geschichte eines Derwischordens im langen 19. Jahrhundert

Ruhr Universität Bochum

Benjamin Flöhr (1.1. – 30.6.2011)

Elmalili Muhammad Hamdi Yazir (1878-1942) – Ein traditionalistischer Korandeuter im Dienste des Kemalismus

Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel

Visiting Scholars

Suzanne Compagnon, M.A. M.A. (19.09.2022 – 15.06.2023)

Clothed figures and representation in Ottoman book painting

Marietta Blau Scholarship Awardee, University of Vienna and Sabancı University

Dr. Ambra D’Antone (9.10.2022 – 30.10.2022)

The Persistence of Memory: Revivalism and Nationalism in Turkey and Greater Syria

The Warburg Institute – School of Advanced Study – University of London

Dr. Maha AbdelMegeed (19.9.2022 – 21.10.2022)

Modern Arabic Language in the Throes of the ‘Urabi Revolt

American University of Beirut

Dr. Matthew Ghazarian (1.6.2022 – 30.8.2022)

Ghost Rations

Manoogian Research Fellow am Zentrum für Armenische Studien und am Fachbereich Geschichte der Universität Michigan

Prof. Dr. Johannes Niehoff-Panagiotidis (29.11.2021 – 15.4.2022)

Early Ottoman Macedonia from the Perspective of the History of Interconnections

Freie Universität Berlin, Institute for Greek and Latin Languages and Literatures

Dr. Gülşah Şenkol (1.9.2020 – 31.12.2020)

A Comparative History of Feminism in Egypt and Turkey, 1880-1935: Dialogue and Difference

Orient-Institut Istanbul

Dr. Nevra Lischevski (15.11.2021 – 19.11.2021)

Multilingualism and Language Planning in the Period of the Late Ottoman Empire and the Early Turkish Republic

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Dr. Philip Bockholt (9.8.2021 – 3.9.2021)

Inner-Islamic Transfer of Knowledge in the Context of Arabic-Persian-Ottoman Turkish Translation Processes within the Eastern Mediterranean between 1400–1750: Mirrors for Princes, Historiography, and Biographies of the Prophet

Universität Leipzig, Orientalisches Institut, Arabistik und Islamwissenschaft

Prof. Dr. Maurus Reinkowski  (3.8.2021 – 27.8.2021)

Peripheries in the Ottoman Empire

Universität Basel, Islamwissenschaften, Departement Gesellschaftswissenschaften

Jilian Ma (1.1.2021 – 31.12.2021)

Ottoman/Turkish-China intellectual engagements from 1908 to 1939

Koç Üniversitesi, Istanbul

Merve Köksal (1.7.2020 – 15.8.2020)

A Background History of the Occupation: Life in the Istanbul Underground during 1918-1923

Akdeniz University (Antalya)

Asst. Prof. Dr. Emmanouil Giannopolous (11.11.2019 – 17.11.2019)

Byzantine music and its sources

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Prof. Dr. Maurus Reinkowski (18.3.2019 – 20.5.2019, 15.7.2019 – 5.8.2019)

History of the Republic of Turkey

Universität Basel, Islamwissenschaften, Departement Gesellschaftswissenschaften

Dr. Ebru Akcasu (07/2018 – 01/2019)

Foreigner in Istanbul in the late-Ottoman Empire

Charles University, Prague, Institute of Near Eastern and African Studies

Prof. Dr. Hasan Ali Khan (3.6.2018 – 30.6.2018)

A Comparative Study of Non-normative Islam: Turkish Alevis, Iranian Ahl-e Haqq, and the Qalandariyya in Pakistan

Habib University, Karachi

Prof. Dr. Maurus Reinkowski (8.1.2018 – 27.1.2018 und 3.7.2018 – 19.7.2018 )

History of the Republic of Turkey

Universität Basel, Islamwissenschaften, Departement Gesellschaftswissenschaften

Prof. Dr. Maurus Reinkowski (3.7.2017 – 25.7.2017 )

History of the Republic of Turkey

Universität Basel, Islamwissenschaften, Departement Gesellschaftswissenschaften

Jannis Grimm (09/2016 – 01/2017)

The Changing Language of Revolt: Contested Narratives & Affective Economies in Egypt after 2011

Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies (BGSMCS), PhD student

Freie Universität Berlin

Dr. Ergin Öpengin (13. – 24.6. und 8.8. – 24.8.2016)

Die Sammlung, Edition und sprachwissenschaftliche Analyse von kurdischen Texten aus der Zeit vor 1800

Universität Bamberg, Bosphorus Universität

Zsófia Turóczy (1.2.2016 – 15.4.2017)

Freimaurernetzwerke zwischen Ungarn und dem Osmanischen Reich: Eine Geschichte von mobilen Akteuren, wandernden Ideen und Elitenrekrutierung in Zeiten der Nationsbildung (19./20. Jahrhundert)

Doktorandin an der Universität Leipzig

Prof. Dr. Maurus Reinkowski (1.9. – 15.12.2015)

Islamwissenschaften, Departement Gesellschaftswissenschaften

Universität Basel

Prof. Dr. Amy Singer (24.8. – 30.9.2015)

Department of Middle Eastern & African History

Tel Aviv University

Prof. Dr. Johann Strauss (20.7. – 7.8.2015, 9.7. – 9.8.2014, 3. – 31.7.2013, 9. – 26.7.2012)

Faculté des Langues et des Cultures Etrangères, Département Turc

Université de Strasbourg

Dr. Dilek Sarmış (13. – 25.6.2015)

Centre d’Etudes Ottmanes, Balkaniques et Centrasiatiques, Paris

Dr. Yiğit Topkaya (1.7.2014 – 1.5.2015)

Translation Studies/Romanistik

Universität Basel

Prof. Dr. Christoph Herzog (3. – 19.4.2015)

Institut für Turkologie

Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Béatrice Hendrich (23. 2. – 1.3.2015)

Philosophische Fakultät, Orientalisches Seminar

Universität zu Köln

Prof. Dr. Nathalie Clayer (16.2. – 22. 2. 2015)

Centre d’Etudes Ottmanes, Balkaniques et Centrasiatiques, Paris

Dr. Heinrich Hartmann (1.10.2013 – 30.6.2014)

Habilitationsprojekt zur Geschichte westlicher Entwicklungsexperten in der Türkei zwischen den 1950-er und 1980-er Jahren

Universität Basel, Historische Fakultät

Prof. Dr. Kent Schull (24.2. – 23.3.2014, 19. – 29.3.2015)

Department of History

Binghamton University

Prof. Dr. Bilal Orfali (1. – 17.5.2014)

Department of Arabic and Near Eastern Languages

American University Beirut

Prof. Dr. Orlin Sabev (9.6. – 1.7.2014)

Institute of Balkan Studies

Sofia University

Prof. Dr. Abu Husayn (1. – 30.6.2013)

Department of History and Archeology

American University of Beirut

Prof. Dr. Andrew Peacock (1. – 30.9.2013)

Islamisation of Anatolia, c. 1100-1500

St Andrews University