The Orient-Institut Istanbul (OII) awards internships in the area of research.

Applications are open to students from fields of study that correspond to the research objectives of the institute, provided that they have completed their basic studies (MA program) or their third semester (BA program). The main fields of study are: Turkology, Ottoman Studies, and Islamic Studies. Other disciplines that are related to the research region may also be considered.

The duration of the internship ranges from at least six weeks to a maximum of three months.

Knowledge of the national language is a prerequisite, as are English for academic internships and other languages, depending on the project. The interns must be enrolled at a German university for the duration of their internship. This is to be demonstrated when submitting the application and once again at the beginning of the internship by submitting a certificate of enrollment. The OII assumes that there is proper health insurance and that the internship does not necessitate any other insurance obligation on the part of the Institute.

Successful applications require applying for a scholarship through the DAAD for short stays at the institutes abroad of the Max Weber Foundation. The training period is 20 hours per week. The academic staff mentor the interns according to their field of work.

Accepted interns are expected to present themselves personally to the members of the Institute on the first and last working day of the internship, to inform the administration of the Institute of all circumstances that may be relevant for the approval or implementation of the internship, to recognize the general rules of the Institute, and to take part in the events of the Institute (lectures, workshops, etc.).

The selection of interns is the sole responsibility of the management of the Institute. The applicant is not entitled to the awarding of an internship. The internship acceptance can be revoked if there are valid reasons.

After the internship is completed, a certificate of internship will be issued.

Applications for an internship should contain the following information:

Course of studies and duration of studies (semester, university), desired field of work, and objective of the internship.

The following documents must be included:

  • Curriculum vitae, incl. an indication of language skills
  • Passport photo
  • Copies of certificates (uncertified)
  • Copy of the matriculation certificate

If you are interested in applying for an internship, please send us your application about six months before the desired start of the internship.

General enquiries regarding internships can be addressed to Okan Akgün.