Electronic Journals

The journals licensed by the Orient Institute Istanbul can be accessed directly from the OPAC from within the network of the Institute. In addition, the Electronic Journals Library (EZB) provides access to electronic journals that are freely accessible and licensed for the Orient-Institut Istanbul via national licenses. Further access options can be found here:

  • Archive of feminist journals
    Pazartesi (1995-2007), Kaktüs (1988-1990), and Feminist (1987-1990). Full texts.
  • DergiPark
    Open-Access-database with articles from more than 2.400 academic journals from Turkey. Full texts.
  • DigiZeitschriften
    Digital archive of German (language) specialist journals. Extended access only from within the network of the Institute. Full texts.
  • DOAJ – Directory of Open Access Journals
    The database lists more than 1.13 million articles from 9,100 journals that can be accessed directly online. It is updated weekly. Full texts.
  • Historical Newspapers (USA)
    Seven American newspapers (Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, The Guardian, Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post). Period 1791–1922. Full texts, access only from within the network of the Institute.
  • İlahiyat Makaleler Veri Tabanı
    Database of articles on Islamic theology, published in journals and anthologies at various theological faculties in Turkey. Full texts of 15,000 out of a total of 20,000 entries.
  • İSAM
    Digital archive of Ottoman writings on history, religion, and literature, currently contains about 2,000 titles (2012). Full texts
  • İSAM
    Digital archive of Ottoman periodical articles, currently contains about 6,000 articles from 27 journals (2011). Full texts.
  • İslamcı Dergiler Projesi. Online catalog of Islamic magazines published between 1908-2010 in Turkey. Magazines partly digitized. For full text access one has to register.
  • JSTOR / Public Libraries Collection
    Includes over 3,100 journals. Full texts, access only from within the network of the Institute.
  • Periodicals Archive Online
    Archive of past editions of electronic journals in the fields of art, humanities, and the social sciences. The database includes content from more than two centuries. Full texts.
  • Collection Hakkı Tarik Us (Beyazıt Devlet Kütüphanesi)
    Digital archive of Ottoman periodicals from the Hakkı Tarık Us collection. A plug-in must be installed to view and download the documents. Full texts.
  • Süreli Yayınlar Bilgi Sistemi
    Digitized Ottoman journals of the Milli Kütüphane; registration required, downloads and printouts subject to charge. Full texts.
  • ZEFYS – Zeitungsinformationssystem
    The ZEFYS (newspaper information system) of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin contains digitized historical newspapers, full texts, and selected Internet sources and databases on the topic of newspapers. Titles include Azärbajçan, (1943, 24 Oct-) Gazavat (1943, 20 Oct.-) Türkische Post (1926), and Türkische Post/Der Nahe Osten (1938, 1940, 1941). Full texts.