Manuscript Culture in the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey

Supervised by: Dr. Richard Wittmann (until September 2020 supervised by: Prof. Dr. Raoul Motika)

Main collaborator: Universität Hamburg, SFB 950 “Manuscript Cultures in Asia, Africa and Europe”

Duration: Since 2011

This research area is being developed in close cooperation with the SFB 950 of the Universität Hamburg, which R. Motika has headed up as project manager since 2011. Following the DFG’s approval, the SFB was extended for another four years, along with a new project from R. Motika, in May 2015. Since research approaches dealing primarily with the materiality of manuscript cultures, including from comparative perspective, are largely unknown in Turkey, Turkish researchers will be familiarized with this new line of research. In addition, a German-Turkish international network will be set up which also works closely with “The Islamic Manuscript Association” (TIMA), which mostly deals with Arabic manuscripts. Of primary importance will be the close working relationship with the SFB 950, which was formally established with a cooperation agreement in June 2016. In February 2016, a cosponsored winter academy was also jointly organized and hosted. Furthermore, joint scholarships were already announced, including a three-year fellowship starting in 2016 at the Graduiertenkolleg of the SFB 950 at the Universität Hamburg for a Turkish doctoral student supervised by R. Motika.