The Dictionnaire des phonemes Türk by Herman F. Kvergić in the Context of the Turkish Language Research

Supervised by: Dr. Astrid Menz

Main collaborator: Prof. Dr. Jens Peter Laut (Universität Göttingen, Turkology)

The library was able to procure second-hand a typescript entitled Dictionnaire des phonemes Türk. The undated three-volume work is probably from the 1930s. The first two volumes contain etymological studies on Turkic arranged according to phonemes; the third volume contains Turkic-Indo-European word tables.

The author, Hermann Feodor Kvergić, is an Orientalist from Vienna. In the 1930s, within the context of the Sun Language Theory, he wrote the “famous” text La psychologie de quelques éléments des langues Turques. The typescript has been digitized and made available online on MENAdoc, the Digital Collections of the DFG Specialised Information Service for Middle East, North African and Islamic Studies at Halle University Library. This will be expanded to include a broader digital collection on Kvergić, his work, and its influence on linguistic research in Turkey.